About Us


In today's fast paced world, where everything is instant, our foods have become highly processed and full of chemicals, all in the name of ensuring our foods are safe for us consumers. Why? because they need to withstand long distances of travel from the point where it was manufactured, different temperatures that it may undergo during transit, possibility sit for many months or even years on warehouses, mall shelves before it can be served on your table. So having preservatives, conditioners, stabilisers in our food is truly justified......Is it?  

We know we can't solve this problem overnight, we are here just saying that we have come up with an alternative to this dilemma. We have come up with a process where all products that we are offering are made-to-order, all the while ensuring that the products we produce are safe to consume and the nutrients of all ingredients we use are preserved as best possible. This way there is no wastage and unnecessary chemicals added to preserve foods. The trade off here is all our products don't last forever :) 



So if you are looking for chemical free foods that are as natural as possible, you have come to the right place. Relax we got you. We hope to offer more products in the near future, so subscribe to our mailing list and you will be the first to know when we add them to the site!