The Fruit Muffins

Banana topped with Almond Vanilla Butter and honey dipped raspberries.


 As lovely as that sounds, mate…. I’ll tell you, the possibilities are endless with this. So make a platter today. It’s a clever way to get kids to eat fruit or simply a wonderful elegant idea for your next party.


 Slice bananas with thickness of about 1.5cm if precision is ultra important for you. Don’t judge people. 

Stack a dollop of almond vanilla butter on each banana slice. Dip your raspberry in honey and place it on top. Done. Repeat. One each is not gonna be enough trust me.

Alternatively, if you are getting creative, use a tool like this

and make ball shaped mangos, dip it in honey and top it place of raspberry. Another option is to top with hazelnut cacao and passion fruit pulp.

 Serve cold and watch them literally fly off the trays. All that hard work .. I tell you....😉.

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