The Decadent Banana Split

What is it about Banana's that make us go bananas? :)
Especially when we go the extra mile and dress it up.
Here is a great idea for those times you want to have good chat with friends or when you are having that special someone over or simply, when you need a quick mood uplifter.



Simply start with a good large banana. Carefully split in half and drizzle with some honey. Not too much cos we got more to add. 

Top it further with some Almond Butter.

Next, scoop up some Hazelnut Cacao, a heavenly hazelnut chocolate spread,  with a large spoon and start drizzling over, top with blueberries and stop. Marvel at your masterpiece but resist the urge to post on Instagram. Hang on you would want to wait one last item...yes you can do it!.

... well the vanilla cashew ice cream of course! Make the best most generous scoop you can. TWO, if you are sharing...else you are surely gonna feel unsatisfied. BAM, now you take ur shot! :) 

BTW: if your friends are likely gonna be late, might as well prepare ahead but leave the ice-cream for the last. Or you can have one first... We need to be sure how its all gonna taste right ...wink ... that is ...before sharing with friends hehehehe.


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