Dress up your Croissants!

Start with the best looking croissant in the bunch. Why? Because what is pleasing to the eye will taste better :) 

Use a serrated knife a cut the pastry halfway through or a super sharp knife. Use gentle sawing motion to cut through else you’ll end up with mushed croissants. Cut halfway through, just enough to expose the hollows of the croissants and keep aside.

Do next steps only when you are ready to eat, ok.

Overall, will take you no longer 10mins, I promise. (but of course insta shooting time not included ahem.)

Now heat up your croissants  in an oven over 110c for 5mins. The goal is to get all that butter laden pastry soft inside while crisping the top layer again.

While that is going on slice up the strawberries, however u like. I like mine not too thick and not too thin. Well something like in the images.

Now take those lovely croissants out of the oven and start filling with hazelnut cacao spread to your hearts desire. Top with strawberries you just sliced. A little bit of abstract art on top with the remaining hazelnut cacao spread. That’s it. Enjoy while it’s warm ♥️. Bon appetit.

You can up the ante by serving with hazelnut cacao dipped strawberries or sprinkle with chopped roasted hazelnuts.

<picture of strawberry with HC> 

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