Darkside Toast

So today, as I was in IOI city mall looking to buy some grocery for the weekend and I happened to come across this lovely charcoal bread in on of the bakeries there. There were only 3 slices in a pack but each were thick and firm but still springy and fluffy inside. The bread itself was on the sweet side to taste and despite the colour I didn't taste any charcoal (ie some burnt taste) so it was all good.

So, i thought instead of the traditional jam, butter and toast, I will toasted the bread with some drizzle of coconut oil in place of butter.

Next, I slathered on, in two parts, one the Almond butter and the other Hazenut cacao spread. Sliced up some mangoes and strawberries and placed then on top.


It turned out quite good so looks like this will be top of my list for weekend breakfast treats for some time :)


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